Thanksgiving Day Race

The 106th annual Thanksgiving Day 10K Race was held in Cincinnati yesterday and I was excited to be taking photographs for Cincinnati Refined.  Arriving early, I took my requisite posed shots of people, and made my way through the 17,000 runners to the start line.  Shooting action shots is exciting and having just purchased a new full-frame Nikon D750 recently, I was anxious to test it out on a race!


Many of the runners/walkers were decked out in festive costumes!



The race was well-organized with signs displaying various running speeds so that the fastest could be in the front.  Here they were warming up.


With a minute or two to go, I ventured into the center of the course to capture this photo…


Cute hats!


The throng of participants was a bit overwhelming!


They just kept coming…


Approximately 30 minutes later, I was set up at the finish line and captured the 1st and 2nd place finishers…



What fun!  After finishing up with the photos at home, I joined part of my family for Thanksgiving that evening.


I have so much to be grateful for…I’m one lucky lady!



8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day Race

  1. The photos make me feel as if I attended the race! Happy for you that you have such an interesting job in which you can use your photography skills.


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