Hiking at Elm House

For my annual girls’ weekend, I found a Vacation Rental by Owner in Bloomington, Indiana (aka Elm House) that had everything we were looking for—a home located on 100 acres with hiking trails, three bedrooms for five of us, two bathrooms (a must), a hot tub, and two wineries located within five miles!  If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll recall our first stop was a winery located five minutes from the property.  From there we found the house, unpacked the car and took a quick tour of the house.   Elm House has three short maintained hiking trails on the grounds, so we laced our hiking boots and headed for the longest trail…a one-miler.  There were only three of us at this point.  Two of the ladies weren’t arriving until around 6:00pm.

Here’s a beautiful view from the house looking down at the sawmill that is located on the property.


This is Robert, the owner, standing in front of the sawmill.


Although the trail was only a mile round trip, there were some hills to traverse.


I was surprised the leaves hadn’t begun to change for autumn.  The light filtering through the trees was so pretty though!


Our other two friends arrived shortly after we finished our hike.  We feasted on some turkey burgers that Cindy brought for dinner and had a great evening.  Join me tomorrow for my “Girls Gone Wild” episode!  You won’t want to miss it!

14 thoughts on “Hiking at Elm House

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  3. I liked the woods and the building also. The sunlight is so beautifully captured! Sherry, I am so glad you have such fun adventures to add some spice to my life, by my living vicariously through them! Cannot wait to read about the girls. I still loved your adventures and glamorous clothes at the casino which you posted about awhile back!!


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