Taste of Stockholm and Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is the oldest of the fourteen islands that comprises Stockholm and my group and I took a 10 minute ferry ride from that Island to the Island of Djurgarden, where the Vasa Ship Museum is located, amongst other sight-seeing places.  Here’s an interesting fellow I had my photo taken with…


First, we went to the Taste of Stockholm.  Here in Cincinnati there’s an annual event called Taste of Cincinnati, so we had a good idea what this would be like.  The first thing we saw was a cooking demonstration on the main stage, shown in the photo below.  We passed a Champagne booth, so my friend Richard purchased a small taste for $13.  I was trying to conserve money since I was in Europe for an entire month, so I didn’t taste anything while we were there.  In fact, I packed my own sandwich for lunch and ate it there.  Scandinavia is very expensive, but I had a good time people watching!


 They had plenty of space for people to sit while they ate/drank…


Here are some additional photographs taken while wandering around Stockholm…


 We checked out a cultural/artistic center and had a great view of this square…


Back on the ground, the architecture is so interesting…


Before we boarded the ferry to Djurgarden, we took some photographs along the way on Gamla Stan.  I loved this narrow street with the boutique shops and quaint cafes…


Tomorrow we’ll tour the amazing Vasa Ship Museum and other Djurgarden delights!

14 thoughts on “Taste of Stockholm and Gamla Stan

  1. Beautiful pics Sherry, especially the last one. All well known places for me of course but it’s so nice to see how visitors see and experience my home town. Take care 🙂


    • Thanks Peter…it must be nice to see how others interpret what little of your City they’re able to visit. I realize that every City has so many things to see and do. Thanks for the nice compliment!


  2. Stockholm is a very beautiful city 🙂 it is too bad “she” is so expensive. I lived there for many years. If you have a chance to visit Sweden around Midsummer (Midsummer’s Eve is the Friday closest to the 21st of June each year), you are in for a treat. Stockholm is at its most green, but on the day before, on and the day after Midsummer’s Eve, rather go out into the great, vast archipelago and celebrate this magical occasion with the Stockholmers 😉 It is a tip!


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