Charlie Bear

The day after Christmas, I had my second newborn photo shoot.  The parents and Grandmother were so pleased with the outcome, they literally cried happy tears!  Little Charlie Bear is soooo cute!

untitled-9-2untitled-6-3untitled-4-2untitled-30untitled-39untitled-46In this last photo, he seems to be thinking, “Were they naughty or nice”!


Baby Photography

Baby photography is so rewarding!  It’s hard work, but once you’re finished, having beautiful photographs is totally worth it.  This is Neveha, my Cousin’s little girl.  I couldn’t have picked a better baby for my first baby photo shoot.  She was good-natured and beautiful!


I used a pink flowered comforter as a backdrop for some of the photographs.  This was her mother’s favorite photograph…


I love her smile in this photograph!

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