Baby Photography

Baby photography is so rewarding!  It’s hard work, but once you’re finished, having beautiful photographs is totally worth it.  This is Neveha, my Cousin’s little girl.  I couldn’t have picked a better baby for my first baby photo shoot.  She was good-natured and beautiful!


I used a pink flowered comforter as a backdrop for some of the photographs.  This was her mother’s favorite photograph…


I love her smile in this photograph!


I bought a piece of felt from the local fabric store for $15.  It’s 9 ft. by 4 ft. wide.  While looking at photographs on Pinterest for baby photography, I noticed that there weren’t many with black backgrounds, but decided it would make certain outfits pop!


Although her eyes are blue, I enhanced them a bit using Lightroom 5.


She’s waving to my son’s girlfriend here…


It was great experience and my Cousin loved them.  Which ones are your favorites?

Next, I’m trying Boudoir Photography!

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