Haystack Giggles in Vang Vieng, Laos

After traveling  seven hours from Luang Prabang…we reached the town of Vang Vieng in Laos.  As you can see, the landscape was absolutely breathtaking!  One of the women that was traveling with the G Adventures tour that I was on through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, remarked that there wouldn’t be any night life here.  There was one road leading into town and it was quite rural.


With this to gaze at…I didn’t care!


One of these sweet little girls stuck her tongue out at me after I took the photo…because I didn’t give her any money.


Claire and Isabel–two of the ladies on the tour and I rented some rickety bicycles and explored some caves in the countryside.  Traversing the bumpy dirt roads made us giggle…the simple things can be so much fun!


Then, when Claire got up on the haystack for a photo…it started collapsing…so we collapsed with laughter!  Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of that.


This photo intrigues me.  I wonder what the boy was doing.  His dog almost looks like a fox to me and he has a bag by his side.  I would have stuck around to find out, but we were on our bicycles, so off we went.


We spent two nights in Vang Vieng and then drove three hours to Vientiane, the capital of Laos.  After checking into the hotel, I walked to the market and shopped.  Everything was so inexpensive – $3.00 for a purse, $5 for a silk scarf, etc.  I couldn’t resist this hand embroidered blouse and splurged on a shampoo and style for $5.00!


Our tour finishes with Hanoi, Vietnam and the stunning Halong Bay tomorrow!

25 thoughts on “Haystack Giggles in Vang Vieng, Laos

  1. I guess we really love your work because my link wouldn’t work either, but I found the post. 😉
    I had some catching up to do, but I am really enjoying this trip via you and I am looking forward to more.


  2. Hi,
    Really nice photos, and the area looks really nice in the first photo. I had to love at the little girl not being happy because you didn’t give her any money. 😀


  3. Your link to this page (where it says “Read more…” didn’t work. I had to go to your home page to get here. Just thought you might want to check out that connection. Beautiful pictures. What a nice trip that must have been.


  4. Your photos are amazing! I also love your embroidered blouse – very pretty! I saw that you mentioned GAP Adventures — you’ve had good experiences with them? I considered booking a tour with them a couple years ago and completely forgot about it until you mentioned it.


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