Bare Buns in Barcelona

The mile long — pedestrian only boulevard in Barcelona — known as Las Ramblas is filled with cafes, shops, and oddities!  My traveling companion and I were spending two nights in Barcelona, having explored some of Portugal and Spain already, before embarking upon a 12-night–Royal Caribbean cruise of the Mediterranean.

I’m busy snapping photos and my traveling companion says, “Sherry, there’s a naked guy”!  I look up just as he walks by me, with a look on his face that could be described as smug satisfaction.


Luckily, I had my wits and thought to take a photo.  Aren’t you lucky!  I thought it interesting that everyone is ignoring him.

He could help advertise along with the billboard next to him–2 tapas and paella!!

This is the street minus him!


This guy was levitating…not quite sure how!


We all know how this is done!


 There were a number of sidewalk artists and they were talented!

SS850759 SS850758

Another trickster…


I guess he wants to be nibbled on!


His grin looks sinister to me!


 Give me more, more, more!!

65 thoughts on “Bare Buns in Barcelona

  1. This is too funny. Do you think I could nab a story or two from you? I am creating a “blog-share” that brings in lots of different travel blog articles and plan on opening it up to have people just dip in and insert their own funny travel stories. This would be a perfect one. Just stop by my main blog,, and follow mine so when the time comes, I can add you to the list. I have to ask, though, did everyone REALLY not pay any attention to him? I bet he was the village shock-hound or something. Anyway, thanks for posting this. Hilarious.


      • No.1 Rural Portugal – up in the mountains – awesome
        No.2 The Cornish Coast Path (SW England) 210 miles done,just over 90 to go)
        No.3.Vancouver Island
        No.4 The Scillies (just off the SW tip of England)
        No.5 Korea – fascinating blend of High Tech and Low Tech. Seoul is amazing, and Jeju a super mini Hawaii (very good value).
        No.6. Belgium – every restaurant seems fabulous, everyone speaks English
        No.7. Switzerland (pity if is so expensive & the people a bit cold).
        No.8 Bosnia – the place is a bit of a mess, but Mostar and Sarajevo are well worth a visit.
        No.9 Germany – I loved the feeling of space, stunning scenery, beautiful buildings – and legally hitting 149mph on the Autobahn
        No.10 – being stunned by the kids in an orphanage in The Ukraine

        But I may think totally differently tomorrow!


  2. “The King has no Clothes.” lol.

    Great shots, Sherry, but the male visitors here are missing the shot of the woman walking in Barcelona wearing the birthday suit! lol. 😉


  3. That guy isn’t totally naked, he is wearing shoes and a bag! Besides – I think he is just very proud about his seemless tan. 🙂
    I stayed in Barcelona for about two weeks a couple of years ago with my husband and we both agreed that if one of us gets a job offer there we are going to relocate instantly.


  4. Wow – and I thought that Portland was weird and eccentric but Barcelona has my city beat! Although I have seen partial nudity in public here, with topless sunbathers in the park – but never a completely nude person walking down the street. Although, we do have a naked bike ride once a year, but it takes place at 10 p.m. – does that count? Thanks for the fun 🙂


  5. Hi,
    I just couldn’t help but laugh at the naked guy, that is just unreal. 😆
    I love all the street performers, such great costumes, they certainly put a lot of work into them (except the naked one of course) a very unusual walk. 😀
    Love the photos.


  6. Cool photos! I’ve heard lots about the naked guy but I have yet to actually encounter him. I have seen the levitating guys though, and I have no idea how they do it! Did you ever figure it out?


  7. Fantastic photos – I remember this street with fondness as I stayed in a place not too far away. The mind still boggling and figuring the two tapas & paella… probably best not to go there 🙂


  8. That street artist is phenomenal! And I hope if I’m ever beheaded, I am as happy about it as the guy in that last photo. LOL. That is so ridiculous, it is funny. Barcelona looks like an interesting place to visit. 😉 Nice photos.


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