Fish River Canyon, Namibia, S. Africa

After leaving Orange River in S. Africa, we drove about 5 hours to the spectacular Fish River Canyon in Namibia.  Here is some of the scenery on the way….

Upon arrival, we stopped at the campground and set up our tents and then made our way to the nearby Canyon.

It is the second largest canyon in the world, behind the Grand Canyon in America.  And as you can see is majestic!

We were dropped at the edge of the Canyon and walked about a half- mile to the Overland truck, where we had a sunset dinner of crackers, cheese, olives, canned clams, and Champagne.

The colors in Africa are brilliant!  I’m learning to always look the opposite way of the sunset and discover the beautiful hues of blues, violets, and pinks!

Fish River Canyon in Namibia is simply stunning and well worth the visit!

19 thoughts on “Fish River Canyon, Namibia, S. Africa

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  2. Great photo of you first of all … not much of a river, suppose it’s all dried up – and the sunset is my favourite photo. Stunning photos and great to hear from you. Amazing journey – amazing memories.


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