Baobab Trees and Chobe National Park, Botswana

Day 17 of my 35 day G Adventures African Overland Truck adventure began with an hour-long mokoro ride back from bush camping in the Okavango Delta.  You can read about the amazing Delta here and here.  After unloading our supplies and gear from the boats and loading it back onto our Overland Truck, we drove 3 hours to our campsite…Planet Baobab, near Chobe National Park.  The bar/restaurant area is really nice.  Check out the chandeliers – they’re made out of beer bottles…

The campsite is located close to the town of Gweta in Botswana and Chobe National Park.  I did some laundry, got on the internet and took a few photos of the beautiful Baobab trees…

After setting up our tents, a few of us went for a swim.  For 295 Botswana Pula ($37.00) we went on a sunset cruise in the park.  It was amazing…

Chobe National Park was definitely one of my top three favorite experiences of the trip!

44 thoughts on “Baobab Trees and Chobe National Park, Botswana

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  2. Good to see Africa portrayed in a positive light. It is a place that is too often abused by greedy outsiders. You have a great eye and a tender heart in your work. Enjoyed your recent posts very much.


  3. Somebody has said that we don’t take photos … we borrow – and that is what you have done during your journey .. so gentle and beautiful have to borrowed moments from the nature – love those “cow” chairs and the wee baby elephant, he needed to be cold down that’s why the roll in the mud. Brilliant shots again.


  4. Your passion for life and appreciation for the land its animals and people of other cultures shows though in all of your beautiful work Michel. Wishing you safe travels and beautiful light. Rick


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