Christmas Celebrations…a time for Friends, Family and Gratitude

I’m sure most of you have multiple Christmas celebrations…with all of the divorced families and grown children splitting their time between families.  I enjoy being able to have lots of opportunities for spending time with family and friends!  My first celebration was with my son and his girlfriend last weekend.  He is spending Christmas with his father, step-mother and sister in Texas.  He was excited about seeing his 14-year-old half-sister and I’m so happy that he’s happy!

I received a really special gift from him this year…one of my favorite photographs that I took in Namibia, Africa…framed!


Friday night we spent a wonderful evening with my long-time girlfriend from middle school and her husband.  She prepared a delicious fish entrée and then we had game night…a couple games of pool and Wii bowling.  Downstairs was decorated for a party their teenage daughter was having the following night.

The photo on the top right is after we arrived home…Randy bringing wood in for the wood burning stove.  That’s how we heat the house in the winter!


Saturday night we had lots of fun at a friend’s (more like family) house, along with my brother, his wife, and my niece and nephew.  Lynne…the hostess had decorated the table so festively…


We had a different wine with each course…


After the gift giving and white elephant…we sang songs…mostly Christmas songs using a Karaoke machine that hooks up to your I-pad, that Lynne received as a gift.


I was a bit obnoxious with my camera…snapping photos throughout the evening.  But, hey…that’s my thing!

My husband was a bit melancholy because all of our parents have passed away.  It can be a difficult time for people…but I read an interesting article recently that helps people control and redirect their thoughts.  Basically…imagine there is a computer in your head along with a trash bin that you can drag negative thoughts into.  I’m usually quite optimistic, so I don’t need to utilize the technique extensively, but it’s amazingly effective.


Christmas day we’ll go my cousin’s in the afternoon and then to the neighbors’!  We’re blessed to have such good friends and family!!


21 thoughts on “Christmas Celebrations…a time for Friends, Family and Gratitude

  1. He’s a handsome boy, but then he has a lovely mother. We have our daughter home from university for christmas and her Cat! Cat is staying at Grandma’s house Lady Cleo would be too offended!. Have a lovely Christmas Sherry I shall look forward to reading more of your travals in the new year


  2. This is what Christmas is all about – havening a great time filled with joy and togetherness.
    Would mind having the same cocktail as you. I wish you a fantastic Christmas..


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  4. Hi,
    Fantastic photos, love all the Christmas decorations they look great. It is a wonderful time to spend with family and friends.
    I would also like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and all the Best for the New Year.


  5. All the best of health and happiness for the new year and a very Merry Christmas. You have made me smile quite often with your wonderful posts and adventures and I thank you for that.


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