Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Illumination.  Looking through my photos, I realized that things can be illuminated from different directions and sources.  It was tough…but I had to narrow my selections down to seven.

This photo was taken in the “Siq” at Petra, Jordan.

Light source from beyond


This photo is from a yearly event in Cincinnati called “Balluminaria“.  Unfortunately, I had not taken a tripod with me and the wind had picked up…so my photos weren’t as good as I had wished for.

Light Source from below


You may remember this photo from my road trip through Florida.

Light source from below


This was taken in Peru…back in 2009.  I remember thinking…”Wow–just the small village is being lit up”!

Light source from above


This was in New Mexico in 2011.

Light source from above


This was taken in San Francisco in 2011.

Light source from above


During the holidays, The Cincinnati Zoo has a fantastic light display throughout the zoo and this is the entrance.

Light source – All Around


I believe 2013 will bring much clarity or illumination to all of us!



29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

  1. Beautiful beautiful images Sherry. And that photo you made handheld in the sig. is incredible. You are an extremely talented artist and it’s always such a delight so view your images and read of your travels. I wish you a great new year filled with beauty, adventure and joy. Ricik


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  5. These photos are unbelievable!!! You have such an incredible talent that just fills my heart with joy! Your photos are amazing Sherry! One question for you….when are you going to start selling them?


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