Travel Theme: Shadows

This week’s Travel Theme at Where’s My Backpack is Shadows.  It’s so much fun when you suddenly notice a really interesting or artistic photo opportunity.  As I’ve become more interested in photography and take more photographs, I see the world around me in a new and exciting light!  I posted these photos a couple of months ago, from my 6-week solo road trip through the Southern U.S., but love them so much–had to post them again, and perhaps many of you didn’t have an opportunity to view them the first time around.

Shop in Dunedin, Florida


Crossing bridge while bicycle riding near Rosemary Beach, Florida


Rocking Chairs cast a magical shadow at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina


Everything casts a shadow…even doubt!

14 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Shadows

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  2. Such beautiful images Sherry and ones that calmly transport me into each of those moments in time and scenes. Absolutely wonderful. I’m also thrilled to know you are making photography more and more a part of your life. I have been a photographer for decades, known hundreds of photographers and can say without a doubt that you have a fabulous eye and and a great talent for composing your images in a way that pulls viewers in. As always, many many thanks.


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