Cheers to Art

Last night I went to a place called Cheers to Art in Madeira, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati.  Initially I heard about it through the wine meetup I belong to.  They had a private party there.  It’s a place to let your creativity flourish by drinking wine and painting a picture during a two hour class.  I auditioned earlier this week to work there.  They’re opening another location in Downtown Cincinnati and need people to set the room up, check people in upon arrival, tend the bar, clean-up, etc.  They also need people that can instruct a class.  After attending one of the classes, I believe I could do that, with a little more practice!  Either way…what fun!  To watch people create and have fun!

The owner was the instructor last night and I really like the way she made it so simple and fun!


The room before the painting began…


Tools of  the trade…


Here’s my finished “Little Black Dress”.  You’ll notice behind me on the right the instructor’s painting.  At the last minute I added the white on the bottom.


A friend went with me and here’s her dress.  She’s camera shy!


We were encouraged to use other colors if we wanted and to make any other changes.  Here are some of the other dresses.  No two were alike…just like people!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This is a great idea and hopefully there’s something similar in your area!

31 thoughts on “Cheers to Art

  1. WOW Sherry……you are a primitive artist! Gorgeous painting! We have “Painting with a Twist” down here in Charlotte, NC & it is so much fun! (The twist meaning a corkscrew…..we drink wine while we paint) They have “painting with wine classes” all over the United States so I am sure your fellow bloggers will find a place in their home town. Salute!


  2. Right up my alley! I will have to check this type of thing out in Columbus, but probably in the summer. I hibernate a bit and am less social during the winter nights! I walk in parks during the day though on weekends!


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