First Snow of the Season

The first snow of the season is always exciting…even if it’s only an inch of snow.  After the sun came up, I was outside in my house slippers to capture a bit of the magic!


It seems odd for green or red bushes and trees to be covered with snow…


A peek from our house down the lane…

I embrace all weather and love snow…but do tire of it by mid-January!

21 thoughts on “First Snow of the Season

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  2. Oooo. You just gave me a flashback moment. More of a story than a comment. Does not exactly put me in a good light, but here goes…. As an Aussie, snow is not something you grow up with. In 1978 (aged 23) I was working in Switzerland in Autumn (Fall). I was wrapped up in the colour of it (because we have evergreens), but also feeling claustrophobic surrounded by mountains. One night, I had time off, and I went to a bar for a “coping mechanism” session. While I was in there ……..unbeknownst to me….. it snowed….the first snow I had ever experienced… when I came out – I thought I had gone blind!!!! Everything had turned white !!!! I rushed back in the bar in a panic (more than tipsy), yelling for them to call the doctor (laughs all round). And then the next day when the snow melted because it had arrived so much too early – then the autumn leaves starting poking out from the branches again. Very, very, very weird. So not what I was used to as a young Aussie girl…… Can’t say I have ever grown to love snow – but it is nice to look at —– from a distance.


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