The Color Run in Cincinnati

The Color Run (aka “The Happiest 5K on the Planet”) took place in Cincinnati on Saturday morning and that meant there were clouds of color, smiling faces, and sweaty bodies!  The Color Run is this and so much more.  It represents accomplishment for many for running or walking a 5K and just a fun time for others!   I was so happy to have this assignment for Cincinnati Refined (previously known as iSPYCINCY) and arrived downtown Cincinnati early to capture all of the excitement!  Being a jogger myself, part of me wished I was participating…but either way, I was happy to be there!


I can’t help it…I love to photograph girls in brightly colored tutus and mis-matched socks!


These bubble machines were fun for the little kids and the “big” kids!


OK Dude…why you lookin’ so serious?


While the participants were waiting for the race to begin they had fun hitting balloons around…

Having fun with balloons while waiting for the starting gate to open...

The thousands of participants were released in separate waves…


The serious runners were out in front, while this mass of white were there to have fun.  I couldn’t believe how many people were there.  This was only a fraction of the thousands that participated!

You could walk or run…here are walkers.

At the finish line, this little girl was bubbling over with happiness having just finished the race…

Nicole Marker (Image: Sherry Lachelle Photography)

This woman informed me she was 78 years old and ran with a broken toe!  78 must be the new 60!

Marilyn Bixler (68 years old) (Image: Sherry Lachelle Photography)

 Getting healthy was never so colorful or fun!!


9 thoughts on “The Color Run in Cincinnati

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  2. Excellent Sherry!! Fun & Colorful pictures……You captured the energy perfectly! I did the Color Run in Charlotte a few months ago & had a blast! Very fun event!


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