Model Shoot at PhotoPro Expo – 2015; Cincinnati, Ohio

The PhotoPro Expo- 2015, held at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, is filled with exhibits for every level of photographer!  I spent three hours talking with professional photographers, mostly surrounding lighting options, listened to a couple of short presentations about portrait posing and lighting, and taking photographs of a few models that were available for photo shoots.  Arriving when it first opened at 11am yesterday, I made my way to the Beach Party models and began shooting.  They were quite stiff and awkward with their initial poses, so I developed a rapport with them and gave suggestions for posing.


They really livened up!  I asked the young lady to hop on the young man’s back…


next, suggested she put the inflatable ring on and turn around…


I like his half-smile and “Faith” tattoo!


I would call this her “vixen” look…


This young model was tucked away in the corner next to a lighting vendor…


Beautiful eyes…


As I approached another booth where Peter Hurley was beginning his presentation, I had a split second to capture this beautiful model before he ordered her off stage (so to speak).


I’m excited to be taking my photography to the next step with portable lighting!

19 thoughts on “Model Shoot at PhotoPro Expo – 2015; Cincinnati, Ohio

  1. Very nice job… I took a couple of classes with models and although I was intimidated at first, it was a lot more fun than I imagined… I like that you asked the models to hit creative poses for you.


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