The Emotion Behind Writing and Abstract Photography


My deck with this morning’s snow…

I’ve prepared a short paragraph describing the emotions I feel when I write for a new Meetup I’m attending this evening, and wanted to share it with you.  I usually give photography most of my creative energy, but really enjoy writing!  Here it is:

A few words make their way from my brain to my fingertips and appear on my computer screen. Sometimes they come in short bursts, and other times they are hesitant, reluctantly surfacing. Once arriving, their place is not guaranteed. Without warning, one or more may disappear, letter by letter, in a backwards fashion. Having never considered how it feels to be born, the process halts as the words question their creator. How do you feel when you create me? Desiring to deliver a thorough answer, I dig deep inside and answer, “It’s complicated. Each time I think of one of you, I’m not able to fully capture the essence of my feelings. It occurs to me to list one of you at a time, as you enter my thoughts, and perhaps connected, as a team, you’ll allow my audience to perceive my emotions as if I were a book to read.”

Freedom, creative, struggle, inadequate, proud, lonely, beautiful and accomplishment.


Back to photography!  Here are a few more of my recently captured abstract photographs.  The above photo is of leaves frozen in a small pond in our yard, entitled “Trapped”.


This is a decorative bottled placed on its side on my kitchen counter with sunlight streaming through the window.

Do you have a favorite photo?  What do you think of my short paragraph?

11 thoughts on “The Emotion Behind Writing and Abstract Photography

  1. I really like your thought process in sorting out words and make them speak your mind. As for the photos, all three images are beautiful, but my favourite is the bottle. It’s almost as it holds some mystery or enigma the way it’s been captured with deep shadows, light from behind to illuminate the colours and forms of the bottle and not the least the tight framing.


    • Thank you…I’ve just entered an art show for the first time in early March, so I need to pick out photos to enlarge and a group to frame. Perhaps someone would like the bottle for their kitchen wall. 🙂


  2. I really like the leaves. The other two are very interesting compositions, but they’re cold whereas the leaves are warm (and I like to be warm). I can understand the emotions you describe. I think many of us feel them to varying degrees at different times.


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