The Emotion Behind Writing and Abstract Photography


My deck with this morning’s snow…

I’ve prepared a short paragraph describing the emotions I feel when I write for a new Meetup I’m attending this evening, and wanted to share it with you.  I usually give photography most of my creative energy, but really enjoy writing!  Here it is:

A few words make their way from my brain to my fingertips and appear on my computer screen. Sometimes they come in short bursts, and other times they are hesitant, reluctantly surfacing. Once arriving, their place is not guaranteed. Without warning, one or more may disappear, letter by letter, in a backwards fashion. Having never considered how it feels to be born, the process halts as the words question their creator. How do you feel when you create me? Desiring to deliver a thorough answer, I dig deep inside and answer, “It’s complicated. Each time I think of one of you, I’m not able to fully capture the essence of my feelings. It occurs to me to list one of you at a time, as you enter my thoughts, and perhaps connected, as a team, you’ll allow my audience to perceive my emotions as if I were a book to read.”

Freedom, creative, struggle, inadequate, proud, lonely, beautiful and accomplishment.


Back to photography!  Here are a few more of my recently captured abstract photographs.  The above photo is of leaves frozen in a small pond in our yard, entitled “Trapped”.


This is a decorative bottled placed on its side on my kitchen counter with sunlight streaming through the window.

Do you have a favorite photo?  What do you think of my short paragraph?

Travel Spirit Meetup Group

I’ve just began my own Meetup group called Travel Spirit Meetup Group.  If you’d like to take a look…here’s the link!  I’m very excited to begin organizing meetups to travel together and to share our tips and travel stories!  It doesn’t matter where you live…if you join, you could still meetup with us somewhere!

Here’s a photograph from Lake Malawi, Africa…


I’m working on another Powerpoint presentation…from my 40 day trip through six countries in Africa.  It will have to be split into two presentations because I have over 200 photographs and an hour isn’t long enough to share 40 days of adventure!



Essex Studios Art Walk – Part Two

This is Part Two of my series on the Essex Studios Art Walk held in Cincinnati, Ohio this past weekend.  If you missed Part One…go here.  I wandered through a large warehouse for a couple of hours taking photos and talking with artists.

This is the young lady that is one of the members of my Meetup group and the artist that we were showing support for by attending the Art Walk.  If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you probably know that I love reflection shots…so when I saw this mirror, it seemed to be the perfect shot for her!


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Essex Studios Art Walk – Part One

The Essex Studios Art Walk is an opportunity for the public to view and purchase pieces of art (paintings, sculptures, photographs) from 120+ artists, displayed in a large 2-level warehouse, located near Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.  Although there are resident Artists who offer regular classes, the Art Walk is only held a few times per year.  Having recently joined a new creative Meetup group, I went to the event to show support for one of our members who was selling some of her work.  I spent about two hours walking the large warehouse, taking photos and chatting with the artists.  There was so much to see, I’ll have three parts to this series.


This was the first display of art I encountered upon entering the warehouse.  I like the creative use of old pallets to show the art. Continue reading…Wine in Mt. Adams is a great way to meet people.  I was divorced about five years ago and  wanted to meet more single people my age, so I joined a hiking meetup and enjoyed that so much, began to join a number of the meetups.   No matter what your interest, there is almost assuredly a meetup for that!

Last night I attended a wine meetup in Mt. Adams, Ohio.  The venue, “Mount Adams Pavilion” overlooks Downtown Cincinnati and has a really cool interior.  I took quite a few photographs and really enjoyed seeing friends!  Over 100 people had signed up…but usually about 60% show up.

This fountain is located around the corner from the bar and seemed to have a lot of life radiating from it…

The walls inside the bar were painted by artists and as you can see…there were a lot of sexy women portraits…

I really loved the vibe and creative energy in the rooms…


The lighting was perfect…a variety of colors and more subdued!


The deck in the back has a wonderful view of the Ohio River and a portion of downtown.  You’ll notice that most people have a name tag on.  It may seem silly, but it definitely helps you remember names!

As dusk arrived, the view was spectacular!

The lighting on the street reminded me of Christmas!  Definitely gives you a warm feeling…

Get out and meet people!