…Wine in Mt. Adams is a great way to meet people.  I was divorced about five years ago and  wanted to meet more single people my age, so I joined a hiking meetup and enjoyed that so much, began to join a number of the meetups.   No matter what your interest, there is almost assuredly a meetup for that!

Last night I attended a wine meetup in Mt. Adams, Ohio.  The venue, “Mount Adams Pavilion” overlooks Downtown Cincinnati and has a really cool interior.  I took quite a few photographs and really enjoyed seeing friends!  Over 100 people had signed up…but usually about 60% show up.

This fountain is located around the corner from the bar and seemed to have a lot of life radiating from it…

The walls inside the bar were painted by artists and as you can see…there were a lot of sexy women portraits…

I really loved the vibe and creative energy in the rooms…


The lighting was perfect…a variety of colors and more subdued!


The deck in the back has a wonderful view of the Ohio River and a portion of downtown.  You’ll notice that most people have a name tag on.  It may seem silly, but it definitely helps you remember names!

As dusk arrived, the view was spectacular!

The lighting on the street reminded me of Christmas!  Definitely gives you a warm feeling…

Get out and meet people!

19 thoughts on “…Wine in Mt. Adams

  1. Hopefully attended by many good people! Meanwhile, this post also reminded me of our frequent attendance to the wine tastings at The Mushroom – a wine shop from the past that I greatly miss.


  2. Nice ideas & great photos as always! You can also use Facebook for meetups…. e.g., there are many hiking, music, gastronomy and all kinds of groups that regularly hold meetings around where I live, there are even language exchanges where you can practice language 1 / language 2 – these are easy to start, fun to arrange and even more fun to attend and you meet some great like-minded people.
    Best wishes from a very wet Spain 🙂


  3. Wow … wouldn’t mind signing up for – just what I’m missing – not a dating carry on. Great shots again .. love the place too – those pictures of the women are stunning. Thanks for bringing me along. Have a great weekend.


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