Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park in Hamilton, Ohio is a beautiful place to visit.  Randy and I went there yesterday to get some exercise and for me to take photos.  He used to live in Hamilton and we affectionately call it “Hamiltucky” because many of the people from there have a Southern accent…similar to some “folks” from Kentucky!

The park is situated on 265 acres and they have golf carts to rent if you’re not able to or don’t want to walk to each of the 62 sculptures.  I’m guessing we walked about 2 or 3 miles and saw only half of the sculptures!

Citizen by Walter Driesbach

After picking my favorites to show, I have 12 of them for your viewing pleasure.  The sun would disappear behind the clouds occasionally and it was interesting to see how that affected the photo.  Sometimes it was better without sun/shadows.

Triumph by Michael Tearney

I found the names the artists picked out for each sculpture to be interesting and a reflection of their interpretation of the piece.  Roxanne has pretty hair…don’t you think?

Roxanne by George Sugarman

Still Life by Ed Benavente

Tory’s Comet by Harry Gordon

This is a historic stone house built by pioneers in the 1800’s.

The landscape was beautiful…

A girl’s gotta have fun.  At least I’m not lifting anyone this time!

Laocoon by Alexander Liberman

I used the pop art function on my camera for this shot.  It made the colors really pop!

Abracadabra by Alexander Liberman

J.S. Bach’s Fugue by Tony Rosenthal

This was one of my favorites, but it isn’t listed on their brochure…so I don’t know who the artist is.

The gardens were peaceful and lovely…

I love the way the sun’s rays are hitting these star crossed lovers!  And I can see my reflection.

Wherefore Art Thou by Sam McKinney

Adam’s First Breath by Sam McKinney

Melinda at the Beach by Bill Barrett

I was informed by a reliable source (Randy) that this is a manure spreader.

I’m gaining a greater appreciation of art as I age.  I wonder if that is normal.  Anyway, hope you enjoyed and if you’re able…check out some of the links listed below…especially the second one!

23 thoughts on “Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

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  2. I’m not going say how good your shots are …. because we all know that. Wonderful sculptures. I love the Sam McKinney’s one and the woody one by Harry Gordon. We have loads of sculptural all over Landskrona – in every roundabout – and in the park by the Art Pavilion is there load, have to go down one day and take some photos – now when there is now more flowers .. left. Thanks for bringing me along.


  3. Sherry, I Love Alexander Liberman! I saw some of his work at the Guggenheim Museum & at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I think I saw one of his sculptures at the University of Hawaii as well. I didn’t know he had some of his work in Hamilton, Ohio….Awesome! Happy you were able to enjoy such a beautiful park on such a gorgeous day!


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  5. This is like an outdoor art gallery. Only better. In a gallery the lighting would be exactly perfect to view the pieces precisely as they were “supposed” to be. Out in nature each piece can take on a different look or tone depending on the time of day, the weather or the time of year. Nature truly does make the best art gallery.
    I am impressed with the fact that each piece has nothing to do with the others. They are different styles, different themes and different media.


  6. Interestingly, I never heard of this park until Saturday morning, when a friend called to invite us to an art show there next weekend … and now I see this post! Amazing … and we are looking forward to our first visit. BTW – There was a nice art & crafts show at Promont in Milford on Saturday.


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