Cincinnati Oktoberfest 2012 & Ft. Thomas Festival

Hello everybody!  Hope you’re having a great weekend!  I’ve been sick all week…a cold.  I’m glad I decided to get out yesterday and go to the Cincinnati Oktoberfest and especially the Ft. Thomas, Kentucky Festival.  It was so crowded at the Oktoberfest, you were shoulder to shoulder with people most of the time.

I was in my usual mood of “lets enjoy every minute”!  Here are some of the photos from the afternoon…

We ate some yummy Goetta Balls…deep fried deliciousness!  Goetta is popular in Cincinnati because there is a rather large percentage of people with German heritage.  It is made from ground pork and beef mixed with oats and a few other ingredients.  Of course we had to have some Warsteiner beer!

My girlfriend Cindy came with Randy and I.  She’s a Grandmother and the oldest grandchild is 16 years old.  It’s hard to believe!  Here she is with a cowboy on stilts!

Randy’s looking quite manly beside this cool car at the Ft. Thomas festival…

I took some (what I thought were) “artsy” photos.  A guy laughed because I took this photo…

When we were walking to our car, I looked up and saw the light shining through the flag…

Fire escapes are an interesting photo opportunity because of their sharp angles and repetitive shapes!

While walking through the crowd, these guys asked me to take their photo…

Have you ever seen a “Redneck Humidor”?

The weather couldn’t have been any nicer…70 degrees and sunny!  The usual rides were there.  I think they look a little out-of-place in a City setting…

There were lots of booths at the Ft. Thomas festival.  Although the town is located right across the river from Ohio, this was my first time checking it out.  Some of the streets were paved with bricks and it was very quaint!

Randy bought me a “Shamballa” bracelet at the festival.  The beads are sewn together using the ancient macrame method.  Shamballa is actually a “place of peace, tranquility and happiness”!  Here are some of the displayed bracelets…

One of our favorite bands was playing at the festival–“The Danny Frazier Band“!  When Randy and I were dating 20 years ago, we used to dance to his music!  He’s the one in the center…

I hope you enjoyed coming along with me for a look at the Cincinnati Oktoberfest and as an added bonus…the Ft. Thomas, Kentucky Festival!

21 thoughts on “Cincinnati Oktoberfest 2012 & Ft. Thomas Festival

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  2. Glad you recovered from your cold.
    Even as a native German, I’ve never heard of Goetta balls. So you like Warsteiner! I do, too. In fact, I did have 2 bottles of their “Dunkel” last night. What did you have, “Dunkel” or “Pils”.
    Take care, and have a good one,
    P.S.: Great fotos!


  3. You’re to more October Festivals than I have knickers in my draws *laughing – what a colorful, joyful and fun post – love the photos of course … if I may pick one .. the fire escape one or the toilets.


  4. That was great fun! I’m so glad you took me along for this adventure. The photos were wonderful even the porta potty “artsy” one. 😉


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