Surfs up at Maderas Beach in Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur is famous for its surfing and I had a great time taking photographs of the surfers at Maderas Beach, a short 30 minute shuttle drive from San Juan del Sur!


After standing there for almost an hour snapping away, a surfer approached me and asked if he could have any photos of himself that I had taken.  I gave him my card and explained I would put them on Facebook and tag him, so I acquired a new Facebook friend!  My first from Israel.




Jing had brought her umbrella for sun protection and I took a quick photo…


The rocky coastline was dramatic!


I always remind myself to look down because a whole world lives down there!


Time for a cold one!


The horseback riding looked like fun!


Join me tomorrow for a vicarious horseback ride of my own in San Juan del Sur!

14 thoughts on “Surfs up at Maderas Beach in Nicaragua

  1. Fabulous shots… It’s been awhile since I have been on WordPress forgot how much I enjoy your blog. Your photography has come along way… Bravo! Love the shot of the surfer in the air. What lens did you use for that?


    • Thanks so much!! When I travel I take my older camera, a D5100 with a 18-200mm lenses. I recently purchased a D750 (full-frame) with a 24-70mm lenses and have used it for some of my event photography. It’s really heavy though.


      • Thanks for the info I am suddenly interested in the D750. Love my Nikon!
        I also have another question for you… From following your blog I see that you are from the Cincinnati are? In June, we will be coming for the annual Jimmy Buffett concert held at the Riverbend Music Centre. Can you recommend any hotel/motels that are near the venue? Looking at the map it seems that either side of the river would be good but we wanted something fairly close. Certainly don’t want to travel far after the concert and a full day of Buffett tailgating! Thanks…


      • Looks like the Hampton Inn Wilder, Kentucky is the closest. I’ve never been to a Buffet concert. I’ll be in Europe the entire month of June, or I’d love to meet you and your wife!


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