Guillermo Tovar de Teresa Museum and Skulls & Art Exhibition in Mexico City

On my quest to see as many museums as possible (within reason-there are 150) here in Mexico City, a few days ago I cycled one mile to the Guillermo Tovar de Teresa Museum. It’s very small, but the entry is free.

Next, I cycled a little over a mile to the Skulls & Art Exhibition. I couldn’t believe it was 10 US dollars for entry. It’s a rather small place. As you can see it’s all about skulls.

I had been wanting to try a restaurant called Lardo that has great reviews, so I cycled almost two mi and had a late lunch there.

The snapper had an excellent sauce, and the ricotta stuffed zucchini blossoms were good.

I only have a few more days here. I’ve planned a hiking adventure to some volcanoes on Sunday.

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