Solo camping and hiking

I returned yesterday from a two night solo camping trip. I camped at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park in Kentucky. There was one other couple tent camping, they were very nice and helped me put the rain fly on my tent. I haven’t camped in 10 years and I haven’t solo camped for 16 years. I forgot how much work is involved. It was beautiful weather, it did get down to 46° the first night, but I slept better there than I did at home. I hiked 3 trails in 2 days, for a total of 11 mi. Cumberland Falls is called the Niagara of the South.

I prepared my dinner at home and had enough for both nights, it’s called black bean, zucchini and rice casserole. Of course I had to have some s’mores. I met another couple around my age who had a VW camper. I took my chair down to their area and we talked for an hour or two. It was nice to have company. Both couples thought it was brave of me to camp by myself.

One of the hikes is called Eagle Falls. It follows along the shoreline of Cumberland River with a beautiful view of Cumberland Falls on the way to Eagle Falls. I decided to dip my feet in the ice cold water, it was very refreshing.

One of the hikes was 5.5 mi and there was no one on it. There was no phone service, so it was a little creepy, but I only thought about the possibility of bears, snakes, and injuries for the first mile 😊

I drove 25 minutes to an area called the Natural Arch Scenic area (image above). It was pretty. When I got home yesterday, I unpacked, vacuumed my car, and ordered pizza. It’s good to be back.

17 thoughts on “Solo camping and hiking

  1. What a beautiful area! You’ve made me realize that I’ve never camped alone. If I ever do I assume
    I’d keep busy with fishing and hiking as opposed to spending time around the fire as I usually do when camping with friends.

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  2. Lovely photos! It sounds like you really enjoyed your time. Solo camping is so relaxing, but yes, lots of work when by yourself. I too love to solo camp, but it has been a few years since my last trip. I need to remedy that very soon.

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  3. It certainly looks like a lovely area. However, as a Niagara Falls born and bred person “Niagara South” doesn’t seem to fit. I will have to check out how they got the name. You are definitely brave camping and doing most of the things you do on your own. I appreciate it as I tend to live vicariously through your posts.

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  4. Such lovely photography, dear Sherry! Some of my favorites places to hike, both Cumberland Falls & Eagle Falls provide visitors with great beauty. How cool, too, to camp outdoors in the area?! Someday, I hope to make it to the Natural Arch Scenic area. Thanks for sharing, my friend. 🌞🌹

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