Thailand, Laos & Vietnam

Madrid, Spain

Segovia, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Cannes, France

Paris, France





21 thoughts on “Photography

  1. I remember the landings at Corfu and of course the take offs,
    as the Airport is rather small… Definitely a most wonderful part
    of Greece and somewhere that everyone should try and visit…

    Thank you for offering your own insight to travelling…



  2. I travelled in SE Asia in 1987 for 2.5 months and loved it. I recognized at the time that I was seeing Thailand at a good time – they were pushing tourism very hard but I still had Koh Phangan more or less to myself but I knew that I wouldn’t want to go back. Admittedly it was the off season. I discussed this with someone who’d been there much more recently and they said even Koh Tao was a popular destination – Koh Phangan had been “overrun” by party goers. Sumatra I loved too and I would go back to Indonesia any time.


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