Etosha Salt Pan, Namibia

As I mentioned in my last post about Etosha National Park, that you can read about here, my G Adventures African Overland Truck group was driving through the Park towards the East side of the Park.  We made a stop at the Etosha Salt Pan.  The salt pan desert is roughly 130 km long and in places as wide as 50 km. The salt pan is usually dry, but fills with water briefly in the summer months, when it attracts pelicans and flamingos.

It seems like you’re on the moon…it’s so flat, desolate and stark!  Speaking of the moon, I took my first photo of the moon on this trip.  The Tour Director showed me how to set it on timer so there wouldn’t be any movement (I had it on a Gorillapod tripod).  Then I cropped it.  I’m quite proud of it!  I know it could be clearer, but my zoom lens isn’t very powerful.  I posted it on facebook as the “African Moon” and then someone (a smarty pants) said, “I didn’t know their moon was different from ours”!

An African sunset to finish the day!!