Listen to the Whispers of Your Heart

This past week has been a wild ride.  After being dropped at the Cincinnati Airport to travel to California for a Symposium, where mass interviews took place, I realized I was at the wrong airport.  How does that happen to someone who is as detailed and organized as I am?  I believe I wasn’t supposed to go and I was ignoring the whispers of the universe/God/my heart!  I had tried to back out of going a while back and people talked me back into it.  And actually—that sign from the Universe was yelling—not whispering!

I’m frantically calling my husband repeatedly to come back and pick me up—to no avail—he had turned his cell phone off because people kept texting him while we were having a rather heated discussion on the way to the airport.  Everything was aligned against me going.  The next flight through that airline to Sacramento wasn’t until Tuesday and flights through other airlines were too expensive.

While I was waiting for my girlfriend to pick me up at the airport, having cried and feeling at one point that it was the end of the world, a handicapped man hobbled past me and a new perspective hit me.  So what, I missed a flight.  That happens some times…it had just never happened in all of my travels…to me.  If I really wanted to be a Tour Director, those are some of the kinds of things that happen while traveling.  I also remembered a conversation I had with my boss’s girlfriend the day before leaving.  She said the universe guides us if we listen, which I knew, but had forgotten.  I spent the day helping my girlfriend pick out décor for remodeling her bathroom, had a couple of rum and coke and spent the night at her house.

My husband picked me up the next day—on Sunday—and I asked him if he’d like to drive to Florida for the week.  I had a friend that had offered her condo for us to stay in at Ft. Myers Beach, Florida.  After checking with his boss, it took all of 2 hours to unpack winter clothes, pack summer clothes and hit the road for the 17-hour drive.  On the drive down we stayed at the same motel in Macon, Georgia, my mother and I stayed at in March, when I drove her down before she died from Cancer in June.

The weather was glorious…80 degrees and sunny every day.  I jogged every morning, took 3-4 mile hikes on the beach and read by the pool!  I’m glad I chose to not sulk—to seize the moments!

Here are some photos from the trip—




As Marilyn Monroe has said…”Sometimes Good Things Fall apart so Better Things Can Fall Together”.  I can’t wait to see what the Universe has in store for me next—I have a feeling there are some adventurous times around the corner!

27 thoughts on “Listen to the Whispers of Your Heart

  1. What a wonderful experience! Sometimes the road you think will lead you somewhere great ends up dead-ending… but if you look around, you see a path that leads to another place you might never have gone. I’m glad I read this post of yours! And thanks for the Like—it led me here!


  2. I love this, I too have been having a million life changing events happening (I swear) straight from the Universe. It’s so strange how you life magnetizes in the right direction even if you are dead set against what you think is the right direction. Looks like a great time! 🙂


  3. It is always important to remember to listen to your heart and to the universe! There are always signs that tell us stuff, but its us who rarely notice them.
    Nice story you had there and wishing you some great adventures to come 😉


  4. Life has a funny way of making sure we get to where we need to be, and don’t get to where we DON’T need to be. Florida looks beautiful though! That’s where I was exactly one year ago, but the weather was a little cooler. I could go for some warm and sunshine right about now. I’m already wishing for spring.


  5. I love your tuning in to what the Universe has in store for you, and going with the flow rather than against it – you are guaranteed to get something even better than what you had bargained for! I always try to remember, “when one door closes, another one opens up” – kind of like what Marilyn says!


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