Life on the Water at Lake Titicaca

One of the most unusual ways of life I have encountered so far in my travels, has been the pre-Incan Uros people who live on 42 islands in Lake Titicaca.  These islands are man-made out of reeds by the residents.  The islands are approximately six feet deep and monthly–additional reeds need to be placed on top to keep the islands floating.  Each step you take feels a bit spongy or springy!  There are only a few hundred of them left that live on and take care of the islands.  Although tourism brings in financial aid, it also creates much more work to upkeep the islands.  They actually make most things out of reeds.


Because of the lack of space to exercise, the biggest threat to their health is inactivity!  The larger islands house about ten families, while smaller ones house only two or three.


The Uros do not reject modern technology…some boats have motors and some houses have solar panels to run appliances such as televisions.

We went into the schoolhouse and the children were darling!!

DSCN2005_2_2 DSCN2014_2_2 DSCN2012_2_2

I guess they have to teach the children to swim at an early age?


This is one of the reasons I love to travel…something new and freaky…around every corner!

If you plan a trip to Peru, I definitely recommend a visit to Lake Titicaca!

16 thoughts on “Life on the Water at Lake Titicaca

  1. Life among the reeds, what a concept. The reeds are a beautiful background to show the contrast of the bright colours in the pics. Thank you for sharing this amazing culture with us.


  2. Those traditional costumes of the Uros are fantastic, particularly the women’s. I just love the colours and all the small details. Again I really enjoy reading about your trip, it brings back all those memories of my own trips to the region. Your photographs bring the story to us in such a visual and beautiful way, I really like the fact that you seems to enjoy taking pictures of the people – and not only the eye-catching landscape.


  3. Hi,
    What a very unusual place. I just couldn’t imagine living there and having to keep the reeds up to keep afloat, that is unreal. Loved the photos, and they do show how good these people are at making there own building etc. How lucky you were to experience this, definitely one you will always remember I’m sure. 🙂


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