Picking Up Men at Lake Titicaca

The next stop on my three-week tour of Peru through GAP Adventures in 2009 was Lake Titicaca.  It is the highest lake in the world–somewhere around 12,500 ft.–and is stunningly gorgeous!  It’s the largest lake in South America.

This is the Island of Taquile where we stopped for lunch, before being transported to the Island of Amantani, where we were split into groups of two or three, to stay overnight with various families.  There are no cars or hotels on the Island of Amantani.


DSCN1957_2_2 DSCN1960_2_2

I was paired up with Kerstin, the German girl with our group, and a girl from New York.  The teenage daughter of the family we would be staying with met us at the boat and we followed her for about a half mile to her family’s home.  Luckily, Kerstin could speak Spanish, so although the native language of the people was Quechua (which resembles Spanish), the teenage daughter could also speak Spanish and could translate for her family.  Here is the Mother cooking in the kitchen.  (so don’t ever complain about having to cook again!)  She was an excellent cook…dinner was scrumptious and the pancakes for breakfast were so good!


This baby lamb was in their backyard, so the three of us corralled him (no easy task) and we got to cuddle with him!


Here’s a photo of the Dad!


We had brought a variety of gifts for the family…mostly food items and they seemed pleased with the bounty!

It was great fun blowing bubbles with the kids at the neighborhood coffee shop!  Look at the little boy in front of me…he’s pursing his lips like he’s blowing bubbles too!


Somehow, we organized a game of soccer against five local, who didn’t speak English.  I have never played soccer, but volunteered to be the goalie.  Of the eleven of us on the tour, I was one of the oldest and don’t forget, we were playing at high elevation!  But…we won!!  I was determined to not allow even one of their forcefully kicked balls to cross that line!  One of the balls hit my hand so hard, I was jumping up and down from the stinging pain and I still have a small knot (a souvenir) in the middle of my hand, to remind me of our victory!

As you can see, I lifted up one of the Peruvian soccer players for our Victory photo…we couldn’t communicate through words…but he was obviously tickled with my show of “female strength”.  I’ll bet this was the first time he’d ever been picked up by a “girl”!


Stay tuned for…life on the water with the Uros people!

27 thoughts on “Picking Up Men at Lake Titicaca

  1. The little boy blowing bubbles – THAT is adorable. I just got done looking at blogs where people have been everywhere, and seen everything, and that’s the photo that’s my favorite out of all of them. Us humans, crazy beasts. I love it.


  2. Interesting how the little boy pursed his lips as if he was going to blow bubbles too. I’ve seen kids respond to another person licking an ice cream – tongue out and licking the air. Funny. Love your pictures and your travel accounts.


  3. Sherry,
    You crack me up…heheheh! You certainly brighten my day with your adventures. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to spend time with locals on this level. That is how you find the true beauty of a destination.


  4. Interesting title 🙂

    And I am not commenting that the photos are beautiful. I have done that enough times already for WordPress to think that I am a spammer.

    PS: You are strong!


  5. Hi,
    Isn’t it great you got to meet and stay with one of the local family’s, the best way to get an idea of what the locals are like as well as experience their way of living, a great experience, and it seems a very nice family as well. 🙂
    Great photos, and the guy you lifted, you can tell he is really laughing, I think you made his day. 😀


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