WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “Forward”.  I’ve chosen four photos that represent the typical use of the word…”a forward motion”, and three that show people being “bold”!


This is from a trip I took in 2009 to Peru.  Specifically on Taquile Island in Lake Titicaca. Continue reading

Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Wanderlust

I’m excited to participate in the Adventure and Travel Magazine Let’s Be Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for Bloggers.  This week’s challenge is Wanderlust!  I have had a bad case of Wanderlust at times and looking at past adventures tends to kindle that flame even more.


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Picking Up Men at Lake Titicaca

The next stop on my three-week tour of Peru through GAP Adventures in 2009 was Lake Titicaca.  It is the highest lake in the world–somewhere around 12,500 ft.–and is stunningly gorgeous!  It’s the largest lake in South America. This is … Continue reading