WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “Forward”.  I’ve chosen four photos that represent the typical use of the word…”a forward motion”, and three that show people being “bold”!


This is from a trip I took in 2009 to Peru.  Specifically on Taquile Island in Lake Titicaca.


Photo taken while on a 15 mile guided bicycle ride around Vancouver


I was definitely ziplining forward at a high rate of speed…whoosh!  Near Cincinnati, Ohio


Clifton Mill near John Bryan State Park, Ohio


I was acting in a forward fashion in Paris…pretending to be the owner of this little car for the sake of a photo…


This unidentified nude man was very very forward walking down Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain in 2010…


St. Paddy’s Day will make people do funny and forward things!  I think the beer went to their head!

Go out and do something forward today…it’ll make you feel alive!

24 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

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  4. Of course it’s the nude man who steals your show. I also was looking at the people around him for reactions. The man looking away, the woman in a bit of shock, saying between clenched teeth, “OMG! Did you see that?” But the group to the left who are hoping to enjoy a meal at the sidewalk cafe have my sympathy. No matter how nice the man thinks his body is, it’s just another body, and I doubt if the diners want him on their menu even as a sideshow. Nice photos though. So in tomorrow’s post are you going to show the “Full Monty”?


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