Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Wanderlust

I’m excited to participate in the Adventure and Travel Magazine Let’s Be Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for Bloggers.  This week’s challenge is Wanderlust!  I have had a bad case of Wanderlust at times and looking at past adventures tends to kindle that flame even more.


This photo on the island of Taquile on Lake Titicaca, Peru brings back memories of my joy for the sheer beauty of this place!


As I stood on a hill looking out over this cornfield and barn in Hillsboro, Ohio, I was filled with a sense of peace, but at the same time excited to capture the cool lines of the cornfield and the beautiful colors and textures!


Most everyone has seen this iconic shot of the colorful town of Vernazza nestled along the Italian coastline, but until you catch the first glimpse of it after hiking along the trail from Monterosso, you can only imagine the delight you feel!


The Namid Desert in Namibia, Africa has to be on your bucket list!


This spectacular sunrise was taken at Lake Malawi, Africa this past summer.  I was on a 35 day Overland Truck odyssey with G Adventures and camped 26 nights through six African countries!


Hiking up Dune 45 in the Namid Desert at sunrise was amazing!

Hopefully I didn’t cause your Wanderlust to flare up too much!!

35 thoughts on “Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Wanderlust

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  4. These photos are incredible…wow! I just love the Namibian shots. Those colours are amazing, and Africa( other than North Africa) is somewhere I’ve yet to get. You just made me want to go and book a trip right now 🙂


  5. That is an excellent collection of wanderlust photos. I didn’t go to dune 45, but I’ve been everywhere else on your list. We are pretty awesome. I really like the shot of the Namib desert – the colors are very rich and the light is perfect. I bet it was beautiful in person.


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