Arequipa, Manchee…the Spitting Llama and Colca Canyon, Peru

Arequipa, Peru is a charming and quaint town!  It was one of many areas I became acquainted with during my three week tour of Peru with G Adventures in 2009.  This photo was taken there…


The following photo was either on the way from Arequipa towards Colca Canyon or somewhere in the vicinity!


I don’t recall where this photo was taken, but thought you might enjoy it.  It’s a Hairless Dog…


We (being myself and the 10 other people on the trip) piled into our private van and headed towards our next destination…Colca Canyon.  On the way we stopped to do some road-side shopping.  Wherever we drove, we encountered these little road-side stands, selling beautifully made–hand woven gloves-hats-blankets-sweaters and other traditional crafts.  I particularly liked this stand because of the cute little girl and her baby Llama!


After checking into our cozy Inn near Colca Canyon, a few of us went exploring and photographing our new home for the evening.  As you can see, the backyard of the Inn was very lovely and tranquil.  The hammocks were a great place to take a nap, enjoy the scenery, read a book, or do all three!


I wanted to pet their resident Mascot…”Manchee”.  The employees warned me that he spits at you, unless you give him a treat.  So, armed with some corn, I tentatively thrust my hand out–palm lying flat, to try to become friends.  It worked!


The next morning, we continued on with our adventure to Colca Canyon.  We were told that huge Condors, some with wing spans of up to 12 feet, come out to give a show most days around 10:00am.  Also, that Colca Canyon is deeper than the Grand Canyon!  We were graced with their appearance…


 Next we’re off to…Lake Titicaca!

31 thoughts on “Arequipa, Manchee…the Spitting Llama and Colca Canyon, Peru

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  3. What amazing photos!! I am so happy I’m going to get to go to the outer reaches of Peru next month — you’re getting me totally psyched!!!! And by the way, Sherry — you are ridiculously cute and should stop telling people you’re 50. It’s almost annoying!! xooxxo b


  4. that picture with the dog seems to have been taken in the main plaza, where the church is? I`ll try to find the picture to show you, I`m very bad at remembering names!!!


  5. Hi,
    Fantastic photos, that scenery is to die for, absolutely beautiful. I’m another one that was really taken by the photo of the little girl and her baby llama, very cute. I loved the colouring of the llama you made friends with very unusual I thought. 😀


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