Get Your “Af-ri-can” On

I’ve got Africa on my mind!  These photos are from a shop in the Clifton area of Cincinnati…

Lots of progress made so far–

  • Airfare purchased
  • Trip Insurance purchased
  • Wheeled convertible duffel bag bought
  • 30 degree 2 lb. compressible sleeping bag bought
  • North Face Hiking Shoes bought

I’ll do a post about the gear I’m taking at some point!

I decided against the couch surfing…the three people I contacted haven’t responded yet…so I booked a hostel (private room) that looks really cool through Hostel World.  Also, decided on my itinerary for the four days in Cape Town–one day hiking Table Mountain and taking the cable car down; one or two days of unplanned activities around Cape Town–maybe the hop-on/hop-off bus; one day an organized tour (found through Trip Advisor) that hits all of the major sites–such as…

Clifton, Bantry Bay

Camp’s Bay

The spectacular Chapman’s peak drive (if open)*

Hout Bay and boat trip to Seal Island


Kalk Bay


Boulders Beach National Park – visit the African Jackass Penguins

Cape Town day tours Visit to Simon’s Town and the Historic Mile

Cape Point

Cape of Good Hope – The most South-Westerly point of the African continent

Most of my itinerary is finished, including the currency conversion rates for the six different countries and the time differences.

It’s fun planning the trip also…but my brain starts to hurt!  Maybe because I try to get it all done so quickly!  I wanted to thank those of you that gave me some wonderful tips on what to take and what to do!

Have a terrific weekend!

46 thoughts on “Get Your “Af-ri-can” On

  1. (sighs) I read your post and I envy your organization. I bought a ticket the day before yesterday, didn`t have time to plan anything, I`m leaving in a week. I didn`t know you were in CS too!!! and funny, I contacted three of them but they weren`t available so the only thing I did yesterday was to book a room in a hotel for the first night!!!
    Have fun in your trip!!!


  2. Brilliant idea to let us join you from the start of you fantastic journey – from the planning and booking – think I will steal your idea – when it’s about my 27 days trip in July. Great photo – specially the last one with all the fantastic colors. Personal I love textures in photos. Very exciting to follow you. Have a great weekend!


  3. The Hop on Hop off bus is great, I would recommend both the red & blue routes.
    If you would like to learn about Nelson Mandela take the boat to Robben Island.
    Camps Bay is a must – great cocktails on the beach front.
    Stellenbosch wine region is beautiful….
    The list could go on and on – South Africa is simply stunning – enjoy!


  4. To the east of Cape Town along ‘The Garden Route’ is a place called Outshoorn where the Cango Caves are buried deep beneath the earth. You’ll see stalactites and stalacmites the size of two story buildings…


  5. Hi,
    Seems you have got everything done and are ready to go. You are so well organized, well done, it is certainly going to be a fabulous trip and a great experience as well. 😀


  6. I probably wouldnt take the boat trip to seal island, unless you have a very strong stomach for smells, Gosh that place really smells bad from a long way away… Plan to go to one of the fabius seafood restaurants in Hout Bay or at Cape Town harbour… Just some friendly advice…:)


      • Glad you’re missing Zimbabwe, although you will have to see the great Victoria Falls from the Zambian side. The Okavango Delta is a must!!, along with a good camera and longest lens you can carry. You will fall in love with Malawi and their amazingly happy and friendly people… The Zomba Plateau and the tea estates at Mlange are something to behold… And look on Facebook for Bluehouse Mafia in Tanzania, friendly and amazing people and stunning places…. Enjoy your trip, but forget about Seal Island (trust me, that place is bad)….unless you have a strong stomach. But go to Paarl and Rondebosch, and check out the amazing vineyards there, not to mention the incredible scenery…


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