Sunrise on Dune 45

My G Adventures African Overland Truck group got up at 4:30am, dressed quickly and drove 15 minutes from our campsite to Dune 45 in Namibia, Africa.  I was filled with anticipation to finally see this beautiful and awe-inspiring sand dune and to hike up the spine of it!  We were the first group to arrive and began running up single file in the dark to witness the sun rising.  Having sand boarded in the Peruvian desert, I was under the wrong impression that you could fall off the side, tumble-down and hurt yourself   The sand felt very soft and dense under my bare feet and as I climbed higher and higher, I began to get scared.  This sand dune is immense!  I finally stopped, sat down and let others pass me by.  I’ve jumped out of an airplane, but climbing to the top of this mammoth sand dune before the sun was up was too scary for me.  I pride myself on not being scared of much in life, but decided I didn’t have anything to prove.  I sat on the spine of Dune 45, watching the sunrise and trying to capture the moments with my camera.

It was a place filled with beauty and spirit!

Upon our return back down, our guides had breakfast—instant coffee, cereals, fruit, bread and jam ready for us.  It was a very special morning as the sun rose on Dune 45!

36 thoughts on “Sunrise on Dune 45

    • Hi Jan – Thanks for stopping by. I don’t mind you putting up a link to your blog for exposure, etc., but it’s nice blogging etiquette to acknowledge the blogger’s content. Good luck to you! ~Sherry~


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  3. I applaud you on your courage to journey up that sand dune but I really respect you for your wisdom to listen to your soul to stop when you needed to……You are amazing Sherry!


  4. Beautiful, beautiful … and I applaud you for listening to yourself & just allowing yourself to sit there and drink it all in. The photos show how much you loved it – no matter how far you climbed, you reached the top! xooxox b


  5. Beautiful! The sand is red like Georgia , who would have thought?
    You were there, it’s okay you didn’t go all the way, you are saving it for something even better :))!!!


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