Deadvlei Salt Pan, Namibia, Africa

On day 5 of my 35 day G Adventures African Overland Truck experience, that you can read about here, we hiked up Dune 45.  From there, we drove a short distance to the Deadvlei Salt Pan.  You’ve probably seen the National Geographic photos of the dead trees.   Initially, as I approached it, I wasn’t that impressed…

but once amidst the trees, I was energized and excited.  It is a photographer’s dream.  The contrasting colors of the burnt orange sand, biscuit cracked earth, dead brown trees and cobalt blue skies are so dramatic.

We drove to our campsite, which was at someone’s farm.  It is called Skaarswater Farm, which means scarce water.  It was a lovely site.

That evening we had steak, salad and bread cooked over the fire for dinner!  Visiting Dune 45 and Deadvlei Salt Pan in Namibia is amazing!!

24 thoughts on “Deadvlei Salt Pan, Namibia, Africa

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  2. Wow, the colors are absolutely stunning! Amazing photos. They definitely look much more interesting up-close than from a distance, so I can see why you were initially underwhelmed.


  3. Wow, it’s the definition of wide open!! How beautiful … I envy you getting to spend so much time outdoors in such a glorious site! Hey, do you have lots of padding for your tent bed, or are you literally sleeping on the hard ground? (I can’t do that anymore — too damn old!) xoxoox b


  4. My favorite is the photo with the naked trees – wonderful and powerful. Stunning photos and thanks for sharing your amazing journey with me. Mine starts in 25 days.


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