15 Extraordinary Experiences to add to your Bucket List

There are some destinations and experiences in life that are etched into your memory and looking back at the photographs tends to rekindle the wanderlust that’s burning in your soul! It may have been the exotic aromas wafting through the air, the peaceful and serene feelings evoked, the indescribable beauty of the landscape, or the delightful people; most likely a fusion of these events served to secure their designation as extraordinary for you. These are a few of my amazing experiences.

Okavango Delta, Botswana, Africa

Ears tuned to the varied wildlife within the Okavango Delta, leaning against a pillow in a traditional dugout mokoro canoe, transported through the shallow waters with the lulling sound of poles dipping in and out of the water, I was living in the moment.

Bucket List 1

Petra, Jordan

Emerging from the mile long narrow “Siq” trail with rocks towering over 250 feet on each side, the stunning “Treasury”, carved into the sandstone cliff face dating back to the 5th century, leaves you breathless!

Bucket List 2

Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia, Africa

Ready for some adventure? Try walking the spine of Dune 45 in the Namid Desert at sunrise. It’s only 557 feet tall and you’ll be tromping through sand that is 5 million years old. The views are otherworldly!

Bucket List 3

Deadvlei Salt Pan, Namibia, Africa

Believed to be about 900 years old, the dead skeleton trees are set off by the contrasting colors of burnt orange sand, biscuit cracked earth, and cobalt blue sky!

Bucket List 4

Gudvangen Fjord, Norway Continue reading

Deadvlei Salt Pan, Namibia, Africa

On day 5 of my 35 day G Adventures African Overland Truck experience, that you can read about here, we hiked up Dune 45.  From there, we drove a short distance to the Deadvlei Salt Pan.  You’ve probably seen the National Geographic photos of the dead trees.   Initially, as I approached it, I wasn’t that impressed…

but once amidst the trees, I was energized and excited.  It is a photographer’s dream.  The contrasting colors of the burnt orange sand, biscuit cracked earth, dead brown trees and cobalt blue skies are so dramatic.

We drove to our campsite, which was at someone’s farm.  It is called Skaarswater Farm, which means scarce water.  It was a lovely site.

That evening we had steak, salad and bread cooked over the fire for dinner!  Visiting Dune 45 and Deadvlei Salt Pan in Namibia is amazing!!