I’m officially a Photographer!

A while back a lady contacted me from the African Development Bank organization and requested permission to use a couple of my photos from a six-week trip I took through six countries in Africa for a report that was being published on their website.  I told her that was fine and actually had forgotten about it until she contacted me recently to inform me that it been published and the credit and link back to my blog was on the second to last page.

The report is entitled “Solutions for a Changing Climate” and this is my photo that was used on the cover page…

Deadvlei in Namib Desert

Deadvlei in Namib Desert

So…I’m excited about that and realize I need to start taking action to get paid for what I love…photography, adventure, travel and writing!

99 thoughts on “I’m officially a Photographer!

  1. It is an important first step to take stock and evaluate and see for yourself that everyone gets paid for something..i am good at this ( great from what i have seen really nice work) and then dedicate to build the talent into a profession. The thing i would normally warn against.. people starting off before they have a solid base , doesn’t seem to apply here.. to me it was a shock you are not already a full time photographer, bravo


  2. Hi Sherry,

    That was a great outcome from your trip and amazing photos you took. You have some great stories and amazing photos. If you ever want to enter some in our contests at BarrelHopping, you can win some cash and get additional exposure to your work. Check us out when you have time and safe travels.


  3. How awesome! Congrats!
    It may be time to start thinking of way to get paid. You can sell photos to magazines and things like that, but even cooler methods exist. You could make your postcards and sell them and craziness like that! So many possibilities.
    And your photos are AMAZING! I feel privileged to view them on your blog all the time. 🙂


  4. It’s a beauty, Sherry. Funnily enough Travelbunny, Suzanne Courtney, won a photographic competition with a shot very like this a year or so ago. Small world, but obviously excellent choice of location. Well done.


  5. I just clicked on the link you gave. It took a while to download but your photos are on the cover and on pages 7,8, and 33. I recognized them from your blogs.They give you a smidgeon of credit at the very end of the brochure – more like a magazine – but I think they should have paid you. I agree with Bulldog – you should put a package together for sale. Your photos are great.


  6. Congrats! And the pic is too good. Very worthy of a cover photo.

    And the snow falling(WordPress holiday season feature) on that desert dry land adds an interesting new touch to it.


  7. I think this is marvelous… you Africa trip is where I started to follow you… and I think on more than one occasion I’ve remarked on your beautiful photography…(also you lovely legs, but that’s beside the point)… I think your captures in Africa (my land) are so good for us… they depict the beauty of Africa that so many people don’t know about… and I think you could easily make up a book about your trip with the photos in it and it would sell…. I think it’s bloody marvelous… congratulations.. this photo just attests your abilities … beautiful…


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