Preparing for Christmas

I’ve been quite busy since arriving home from my six-week–4,200 mile–road trip through the Southern U.S.  In addition to the normal duties one has when returning from a trip (i.e. unpacking, laundry, opening mail, paying bills, cleaning house, grocery shopping, etc.), with the holidays right around the corner, I decorated the house…


did some Christmas shopping, met a friend for happy hour, responded to party invitations, and took my doggie hiking at the nearby trails.  A couple of days ago, I looked out in the front yard, saw the frosty grass and the shadows stretching across the yard and thought how pretty it looked…so I captured the moment…


Tomorrow evening my son and his girlfriend are coming over for an early Christmas celebration because he’ll be going to Dallas to visit his father over Christmas.  I’m really looking forward to seeing him, since the last time I saw him was before I left for my trip. I’ll be cooking dinner and a delicious dessert!

In memory of the slain children, here is a photo I took a week ago in Florida of happy frolicking children by the sea at sunset…


May their families hearts not break from the sadness.

Wishing everyone a joyful weekend!

19 thoughts on “Preparing for Christmas

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  3. Glad that you are home safe with wonderful times under your belt. Sunset photo wonderful–wish there was a way you could get it to the bereaved families. With all the recent pain and loss, I hope the new year will bring abundant joy and healing.


  4. Happy holidays with your son — and how lucky we are to have our children !! My heart is breaking with those in Newton, Connecticut and I can only wonder why we allow so much devastation and violence in our lives here in America. Have a beautiful season, Sherrie!!!


    • Thanks Betty! We had a nice time and yes…I feel very blessed to have my son. He and I have weathered some big storms together! So many peoples’ hearts are breaking thinking of this tragedy! I’m learning to not think of things like this when they are the past…unless there is good reason to. I hope 2013 is as amazing for you as 2012 was! (Hugs)


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