Ohio Riverfront Walk

Last week I walked along the Ohio Riverfront in Cincinnati with girlfriends.  It was a beautiful day!  I drove in my friend’s car to the river and forgot my camera in my car.  Although I missed some great shots…I knew it was for the best because it gave us more time to talk.  Normally, when I’m taking photos, I lag behind and then run to catch up…and miss out on the visiting part.  So…yesterday was another beautiful day and I decided to drive the 35 minutes to downtown and retrace our steps.

This was my first view of the waterfront…the Purple People Bridge.  It’s a pedestrian only bridge over to the Kentucky side.

The BB Riverboat hosts weddings in addition to sightseeing and dinner cruises.  It’s strange to me to think that you can take a boat from the Ohio River to the Mississippi River and then all of the way to the ocean!

There are quite a few bridges that span from Cincinnati to Kentucky…

Of course, I tried to get some artsy shots…

At first I thought this was a labyrinth but it’s a squiggly walking path…

The City has been working on sprucing up the area…putting in plants and statutes…

The views of downtown are lovely…

This is called the serpentine wall.  During the summer they have an event called “Party in the Park” that is held on Wednesday evenings and people will spill over from the main level above to this area…to sit and relax.

Here’s the Purple People Bridge on my way back…

Love the flag shots…

I just like the lines on this one…

The contrasting red in the tables-chairs is cool against nature’s vibrant colors…

One last shot of a bridge from a fresh perspective…

The sun was beginning to set and I’m glad I captured it next to the building…

Hope your week is wonderful!

37 thoughts on “Ohio Riverfront Walk

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  2. You know that is one of my favorite walks in Cincinnati. And, one thing to point out about the Purple People Bridge is that they used to have a bridge climb, where you could walk over the top of the bridge. If you look at the west side of the bridge in the picture, you can see the rails and the steps coming from the top. I did the walk when it first opened and it was so much fun.


  3. Wow … now you have really got close to your camera. Stunning photos – one better after the other. My favorites is the one with the orange trees, the insurance building and the last one. Amazingly good all of them. Had an Olympus about 20 years ago – brilliant camera. Then I started with Canon, but … now seeing this my thought are playing with Olympus again. You have a very good eye for details. Like the flowers and the bridge arch – stunning.


  4. Fun pictures, Sherry! You are making me very homesick for my home in Covington! Can’t wait to see all of the changes on the Riverfront during my next visit!


  5. I’m so glad you made the drive back so you could share this with us. The pics are fabulous. You should consider selling some of these to their tourist board. They make me want to come there.


  6. Oh, I love bridges, especially pedestrian bridges, so now I have to go there and see it for myself although your pictures are just stunning! I lived in Cincinnati for about a year but that was over 25 years ago so it’s time to go back as a tourist!


  7. I agree with GR. You have quite a portfolio on your blog.

    Thank you for the memories–the Purple People Bridge, the tiara on Queen’s City high rise insurance building, the riverboat and the Ascent in the background. The American flag is such a perfect touch to a unique American city.


  8. You sure make Cincinnati look GREAT! Thanks for sharing these beautiful autumn shots — and boy, do I know what you mean about not being able to talk and shoot at the same time. It’s my biggest challenge when I’m traveling for Heifer– I’m supposed to be interviewing AND shooting and it’s really HARD! lovely, lovely shots, Sherrie!!


  9. Wow an I glad you went back we might just have missed this… wonderful photos and that last one is out of this world good…. you sure know how to take photos and to give them some meaning… I love it…


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