Walking Mariemont, Ohio

If you’re ever in the Cincinnati area, I highly recommend taking a stroll through the Village of Mariemont.  Especially in Autumn!  It’s a small community…about 3,500 residents.  Yesterday, seeing that we had another glorious fall day, I parked in the town square, where a number of upscale restaurants are located and went exploring.  The hiking club I belong to have an urban hike scheduled there on Sunday.  I passed the Quarter Bistro Restaurant and thought their outside seating area looked quaint and a bit European…

As I meandered from street to street…I wasn’t prepared for the spectacular and riotous display of color.  Everywhere I looked there were varying shades of orange, red, yellow and green!  The houses were quaint and most were decorated for Halloween.

I passed by this little park…

If you need motivation to get out and exercise…a place like this will do it!

The lawns were landscaped beautifully…

This was another area with benches to sit and relax and if you stand at the stone wall, there’s a beautiful view of the countryside…

Just when I thought I had seen the most brilliant colors…I walked down this street and was blown away by the beauty!

Here are my two “artsy” photos…

I discovered through the hiking club I belong to that perhaps the world’s largest Serpent Mound is located in Mariemont.  This was reported in August of last year!  So…having just seen the Serpent Mound in Adams County over the weekend, I was excited to hear about this.  A blog called “Goddesschess” has a great post about it–if you’d like to learn more.

The Madisonville Site was–according to the Ohio Historical Society–the location of a large Ft. Ancient population.  I’m learning all kinds of things about Cincinnati!

At one point on my hike–being the explorer that I am–I saw a tunnel and decided to go through it to investigate.  There wasn’t much to see on the other side, but as I was going to return, I heard male voices coming through the tunnel, so I ran up the hill and found a little pathway back to the front of the tunnel.  Whew!  I was a little scared since there was no one else around.  They were probably harmless, but it’s best not to take unnecessary risks!

I had to take this photo of the birds perched on the telephone wire…

A girlfriend met me there after she got off of work and we hiked it again.  I’m glad I went early to get my photos…because she’s a fast walker!  After hiking we went to another restaurant in the square called The Dilly Cafe.  It’s owned by one of our friends Chuck Warinner.  We both had the Seared Ahi Tuna Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries.  It was tasty!  They have wine tastings and outdoor seating.  Lots of fun!

Thanks for coming along and may you find time and motivation to explore your own hometown!!


24 thoughts on “Walking Mariemont, Ohio

  1. Wonderful photos. I rolled up and down, because I wanted to admire Your photos. Reddish is amazing color. In Finland we have very seldom so strong red colors. Also I looked at some photos in a bigger form. Cool.


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  3. Sherry, Fabulous Pictures of Mariemont! I recognize the houses and the streets….with warm memories! Oh….I use to eat at the Dilly Deli Cafe all the time. They had the best brie & red roasted pepper baguette sandwich…..oh I wish I had one right now! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pictures!


  4. Another wonderful stroll with Sherry… the photos are mind blowing and those Autumn colours magnificent… you need to go professional with these walks of yours and do this for a magazine or something …. marvelous… you’re damn good at this…


  5. Talk about a world being on fire – stunning .. absolutely stunning photos. Envy … love sweet potatoes fries. Hard to pick a favorite today .. love all the orange and red, but I like the tunnel more, a very interesting photo. Ever seen such intense autumn color before – wonderful … a wonderful job you done.


  6. This is exactly how I found my trail. All you have to do is open up your eyes and your mind that there are some amazing things right where you live and all of a sudden you start to see them. Your pics are great and the colours are amazing. I have found it difficult to stop taking pictures of the colours. 😉 I posted two blogs with them in and everyday I see more that I want to share. Thanks for showing me this area.


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