Fun Activities in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is known not only for their historic architecture in Downtown, but also their picturesque beaches!  The next two photos are from last night.  I posted so many photos yesterday, I thought I’d save a couple of them for today!

Since Alexa was driving, I was able to take a photo while crossing the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge at sunset!

As we were driving across another bridge, I asked if we could stop because the view was breathtaking…

Sunday morning we went to Yoga!  It wasn’t quite what I expected.  The instructor was a lovely lady and she gave us a good workout, but she had very strong views on not killing anything, including animals for the purpose of eating them.  During most of the 1 hour and 45 minute session, she either lectured or played tapes loudly espousing the negative karma associated with doing so!  I still enjoyed it…because I’m learning how to take what I want from situations and leave the rest.  I told Alexa I was in the mood for Steak and Shrimp after we exited the building (hee, hee)!  Actually, I was a vegetarian for about six months a few years ago.  Who knows, I may try it again!

We stopped at Harris Teeter, a local grocery store and purchased produce for a nice luncheon salad.  And we picked out a juicy roasted chicken and asparagus for dinner!  After lunch we drove to Sullivans Island…about 15 minutes from her condo and took a three-mile walk along the beach.  Here are some of the photos from our jaunt.

How did they come up with a fine of $1040?

We both loved the foot prints in the sand.  Not sure why they look raised, but we like it!

Here’s Alexa…I asked her to stand for a reflection shot…

She pointed out all of the birds surrounding a shrimping boat…

There were also a pod of Dolphins very close to the shore, frolicking in the water, that we enjoyed watching!  I don’t have a photo though!

After leaving the Island, we stopped at a Red Box and picked up the movie “Magic Mike”!  We both had heard a lot of positive reviews, but after watching it, felt it was a bit cheesy, although we did appreciate their physiques!

It was a nice Sunday and tomorrow I leave for Savannah!  I’ve really enjoyed my time here in Charleston and with Alexa!  I’m trying to play matchmaker, because she’s single, beautiful, intelligent, and personable!

15 thoughts on “Fun Activities in Charleston, South Carolina

  1. Since the sand you were walking on is close to the shoreline, it’s very wet and acts more like a solid than a liquid. After being compressed downward, it rises back up somewhat. If you stood there for a much longer time, though, they’d appear more sunken – until they fille up with water.

    I think the $1,040 figure is to make people look twice and perhaps try to take it seriously.

    I love vegetarians. I eat one almost every day. 🙂


      • I should have emphasized that footprints on very wet sand create something of an optical illusion. But, you’re right – the angle of the camera and the way the light hits it helps to play tricks on your vision. At least you had fun! I haven’t been to a beach in years. Just walking along the shoreline is always a soothing activity.


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  3. Those first two photos are amazing and I am really intrigues with the footprints one. Maybe someone will let us know how/why that happens.
    I was a vegetarian for several years. It was probably the worse thing I ever did for my health.


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