Savannah in a Day

I left Alexa’s (my Couchsurfing host) at 7am to drive the 2 1/2 hours from Charleston, S.C. to Savannah, Georgia.  I parked at the Visitors’ Center (it’s free for the first hour and only $1 for each additional hour), spoke with a very nice lady about Savannah and started walking on my self-guided tour.  Before arriving, I was wondering how it would compare to Charleston.  Both are walking cities…if you don’t mind walking for a few hours.

This is the first photo I took at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  They own over 80 buildings in Savannah!

I walked about a mile down Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. to the Savannah River and turned right.  There are restaurants and shops lining the River and it extends about 10 blocks.

The weather started out in the 50’s and cloudy, but warmed up to the 60’s with some sun.  You can see the river in this shot…

This is the WWII Monument, “A World Apart“, symbolizing a world divided by war.

The steel globe is overlaid with bronze oceans and copper continents. The pathway lists the 527 Chatham County residents killed during the war.

This is the Waving Girl Monument…

I couldn’t resist asking if I could take a photo of the barbershop…(they looked at me oddly)!

A puddle of water…:)

Savannah has a variety of types of architecture.  In comparison to Charleston, the City seemed a bit run down, but still beautiful!  Historic Downtown Savannah has 22 beautiful squares with a statue or fountain and benches for sitting.

The Cathedral of St. John is massive and spectacular!  I’m not posting a photo because it’s difficult to take a photo to do it justice!  There are quite a few Churches in Savannah, but I’ll just post this one…

The Oak trees with the Spanish Moss hanging down are beautiful and are everywhere!

This stairwell caught my eye…

I drove to the home of my Couchsurfing host–Sonya, her husband Graham, and 16 yr. old son–Val.  Sonya is from Bulgaria and full of life!  We spent a couple of hours looking at her photos from Bulgaria and Belgium.  She was in the Bulgarian Army for 17 years and has only been in Savannah for two months.  Her husband is still in the Army and is leaving for Afghanistan after Thanksgiving.  I was in the Army years ago…so we all have something is common!

She made Chicken and stuffing for dinner.  Tomorrow Sonya and I are going to Tybee Island and she made a reservation for all of us to go on a carriage ride in Downtown Savannah in the evening!

See you then!

19 thoughts on “Savannah in a Day

  1. If I had known about couch surfing when I was living out of a backpack on a shoestring budget in my 20’s, I might still be doing it. But, I first heard of it during a Girl Scout leader event after I was already settled with a husband and three kids. (Two are in college now so maybe my second chance to travel is coming.) But, your article caught my eye because today I am looking for an affordable way for my 12-year-old daughter and I to spend a weekend in Savannah next month. If you hostess is still taking in travelers, I would love for you to forward my contact info. (I hope it is okay that I was in with the Marines, not the Army). PS I LOVE all of your beautiful photos!

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    • Hi Dawn – You need to be a member of Couchsurfing to use it. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up. You’ll then need to who lives close to where you’d like to stay and send a request to stay. Airbnb is another inexpensive lodging option. Thanks so much for the compliment and have fun in Savannah! ~Sherry


  2. Don’t know exactly where Savannah is .. compare to New Orleans – but I can see that it’s not fare – the buildings, trees, colors, vessels .. and the intensity. Some good food will be coming up too .. *smile – Beautiful photos again .. and again .. and again .. and again. Love the oak tree


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