Seagulls attack peaceful tourist at Siesta Key Beach, Florida

I went to Siesta Key Beach with the intention of relaxing and eating my lunch peacefully.  As you can see the beach is spacious and beautiful!

Notice the seagull…

Instead…I’m acting like a lunatic running from masses of seagulls…flapping and flailing my arms…ducking as they dive bomb me…chasing them back…throwing sand at them…trying to protect my food in the aluminum foil!

Other beach goers were laughing and a few of them said, “The same thing happened to me!”

I’ve heard the sand there is white quartz — known for its healing properties!  You can read “Your Sarasota” for more information concerning this.  Perhaps next time I won’t take food so that I can soak up some of the healing energy!

24 thoughts on “Seagulls attack peaceful tourist at Siesta Key Beach, Florida

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  2. The herring gulls at Joss Bay near Broadstairs in Kent make beach picnics impossible, but just up the road at Kingsgate Bay they leave you alone. I suppose it must be some kind of learned behavior. Mind you when we go to Kingsgate Bay we eat at the Captain Digby pub which is a wonderful little boozer.


  3. They are so evil at time and they always comes is big groups … great photo, but eating food when there is seagulls around .. isn’t the greatest idea. At least we got a good smile out of it.


  4. That happened to me this summer. He-Who and I took Cyndi to the beach. She loves it there and she loves the on site french fry/ice cream truck as well. They walked over and got us food and we sat on one of the lovely benches and started to eat. We were swarmed by seagulls and had to run to the car. I don’t know who was more scared. (Answer: ME!)


  5. In St. Ives in Cornwall (UK and possibly other places), people have been hospitalised by attacking seagulls. It all starts as people think it’s cute to feed them, then they get confident and expect food and it’s only a matter of time before they help themselves at any cost – remember seagulls are birds of prey. I myself have had an entire Cornish pasty (look it up!) snatched from my hand and gulped down in one fell swoop by a seagull AND it was still in flight when it did it!


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