The Best of St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg should be on your destination “Bucket List“!  There’s Art!  There’s a beach!  Restaurants!  Great Weather!  Although Florida is known as the sunshine city, it was mostly cloudy the morning I took these photos…

What a Tree!!!!

The photos are in order of what I saw while walking…

This restaurant worker or possibly owner…was very friendly and sweet!

I was intrigued by these guys and received permission to take a photo.  They actually seemed a bit shy.  I think some people would automatically judge them as possible deviants…with tatoos and facial piercings.  Similar to lumping all “Harley” riders into a particular stereotype.

Big horse with big nostrils…



Simon says…

View from the elevator going to the top (4th floor) of the pier…

I’m grateful for my ability to walk…you can discover so much more about a place when you walk it!  A trolley is available for 50 cents per ride around Downtown and we did take it at the end of our walk to the pier.

There’s more…don’t go away!!


20 thoughts on “The Best of St. Petersburg, Florida

  1. I like how you add artwork to many of your posts. I also like the personal and warm photos of people that you capture. Nice grandpa and granddaughter, I think? Maybe a father… but so nice!


  2. I can’t wait for the more if it’s anything like what I’ve just seen… absolutely superb… I love the pelicans… and I see they leave their calling cards… the tree in the second would love to know what type it was, possibly one of the figs?? and the sign in the fourth photo, fascinating….
    Keep em coming, keep touring and blogging… don’t go home again I’m enjoying this far too much…


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