Sunsets at Pier 60

Clearwater, Florida has a daily festival on their pier and surrounding area called, “The Sunsets at Pier 60.  I had to jump for joy from the beauty!

The Hilton was glowing…

I noticed this girl and asked if I could take her photo because her hair was pretty.  She seemed surprised and quickly said “Yes”!  Her name was Ebony and we told her she should be a model, but she said she has MS and couldn’t wear high heels.  I told her upon leaving, that she was beautiful!  It feels good to make other people feel good!

This drummer was using empty buckets as drums and was very talented!

Walking back to the car, I told Zully this palm tree looked almost like fireworks going off from the lighting…

When we got back to Zully’s condo, we had pizza delivered and it was sooo good!  Another great day! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Sunsets at Pier 60

  1. I had to backtrack and gaze on these pictures again! I am in awe of the scenery and beauty in the sunset. I liked the angle looking up at the palm tree. Everything is either sparkly, glowing or a smile that lights up the scene on the beach girl.


  2. Ebony is a beautiful young lady .. and it was nice of you to tell her. I love the top pier photo … still not a lot of people around … And I love the reflection of Hilton in the ocean. Great shots again, but what is new ???


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