Life’s a Beach in Dunedin, Florida

Dunedin, Florida reminds me of Yellow Springs, Ohio.  It’s artsy–small–cute–quaint–spiritual!  Zully (my blogger friend) and I stopped by there on Wednesday morning.

One of the shops is very spiritual with crystals, books on Shamanism, sage.  I love the painted tree with artificial vines…

LOVE this peacock tree…

A pretty painting in one of the shops…

The very stylish entry to one of the shops…

Zully is working her magic on a shop keeper’s dog.  She (Katie) is smiling…

More street art!  They even have wine tastings here…

We took a quick walk on the pier in Dunedin and I followed this Great Egret around trying to get a good photo.  He had just eaten something (a fish, we think) because his neck had a big bulge!

The day’s not over yet!  Zully went to lunch with a friend…I got my nails done and tomorrow I’ll post about our evening on Pier 60!


14 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach in Dunedin, Florida

  1. Sherry, I’ve enjoyed your tour through the Florida panhandle. We’ve vacationed in Rosemary Beach and Seaside many times, and I thought you did a wonderful job showcasing the area’s beauty. I hope you enjoy the rest of your adventure!



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