What to do on Sanibel Island

Located 10-15 minutes from Ft. Myers, Sanibel Island has lots of fun things to do!  After paying a rather pricey toll charge of $6.00, we devoured a freshly caught grouper sandwich at Grandma Dots restaurant.

Located at a marina, it’s cute and casual!

Driving just a few minutes down the main drag, we arrived at the lighthouse beach and paid $4.00 for two hours of beach time!  Today it was warmer…almost 80 degrees…so we took a dip in the ice cold ocean and went for a long walk on the beach!

These paddleboarders were fun to photograph!

I have to give credit to my husband for this photo…

Here’s the bridge we crossed to go back to Ft. Myers/Cape Coral…

Not all beaches are created equal…but I love them all!!

10 thoughts on “What to do on Sanibel Island

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  2. I was astounded to hear you paid to access the beach… I was under the impression that the beaches belonged to everyone…$4 for 2 hours beach time..?? also seems excessive… love the bridge… actually that was one of the things that fascinated me when I visited the USA.. the bridges


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