There’s more to Fort Myers, Florida than Beaches

If you’re like me…when you think of certain places like Fort Myers, Florida…you think “Beaches”!  After walking around Downtown Fort Myers and their “River District”, I discovered a new layer of personality!  Within a few blocks, they’ve packed in Restaurants, Bars, cool architecture, and much more!

I dropped my husband off at the airport yesterday to fly back to Cincinnati.  Tonight, I pick my girlfriend “Sherry” up from the airport and she’ll stay for 5 days.  We want to go out dancing, so I researched some of the options and one of them was the Red Rock Saloon.

Being that it was a Thursday afternoon…there were only two people inside.  They have some great happy hour specials and live music!

I love this wall inside the bar…

The Cigar Bar is well known in town…

Not only do I love reflection shots…barbershops have made the list!

I “heart” Architecture…

The River District is just off of the water…

I keep forgetting it’s almost December!

Cool shop/deli…

I LOVE the colors in Florida!

Even the Administration Building is interesting!!

If you ever visit Fort Myers, I recommend you visit the River District!!


15 thoughts on “There’s more to Fort Myers, Florida than Beaches

  1. When I started working my first job was a tech support for consumers electronics. When asked where we were, we were suppose to say “We are a virtual call center based out of Fort Myers, Florida”. In the minds of many, only Fort Myers, Florida registers and they would talk at length about it.


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