Maracas Mania

My friends — April and Wayne — were such fun when I asked them to dance and shake the maracas before we went out for dinner!  April is in her early 40’s…don’t you think she’s “hot”?  She’s very athletic…in fact she’s out jogging right now as I do this post.  She rides a Harley, runs in charity events, bought a boat recently (so she skis)…practices yoga and is a certified holistic health coach (or something like that)!


Of course, Wayne, the guy — has to take it to the next level — juggling with them!  And he does it quite well!  Isn’t he cute!  Wayne is also quite amazing!  He’s won awards in his age group (which is still the Fabulous 50’s) for swimming.  He swam 12 miles around Key West last year!!  He turned me on to the Yoga place here in Fort Myers.  He’s also almost single!


Hopefully, we’ve entertained you!


Stay tuned for the next installment of fun!

Best Yoga in Fort Myers

I think some of the best Yoga I’ve experienced is right here in Fort Myers at Fort Myers Fitness 24/7 and it’s only $5.00 (what a deal).  I usually do “Hot” Yoga (where the room is 100 degrees) in Cincinnati.  I’ve been a few times during the three weeks I’ve been visiting here from Cincinnati and LOVE the instructor.  He has a calm presence and voice and explains every move in a fluid fashion and you know you’re working your body and becoming more aware of everything!


This is after class…just posin’ for all of you!


I asked the instructor if he would do a move or two for my blog…



If you haven’t given Yoga a try or its been a long time…I strongly urge you to go.  It’s one of the best forms of exercise and will help keep you looking and feeling younger for the rest of your life!  There was a lady in the class that was at least 100 lbs. over weight…so it doesn’t matter what shape you start out in!  I’ve run a half-marathon, hike, and a multitude of other activities and feel that this gives the best return—both physically and mentally!

There’s more to Fort Myers, Florida than Beaches

If you’re like me…when you think of certain places like Fort Myers, Florida…you think “Beaches”!  After walking around Downtown Fort Myers and their “River District”, I discovered a new layer of personality!  Within a few blocks, they’ve packed in Restaurants, Bars, cool architecture, and much more!

I dropped my husband off at the airport yesterday to fly back to Cincinnati.  Tonight, I pick my girlfriend “Sherry” up from the airport and she’ll stay for 5 days.  We want to go out dancing, so I researched some of the options and one of them was the Red Rock Saloon.

Being that it was a Thursday afternoon…there were only two people inside.  They have some great happy hour specials and live music!

I love this wall inside the bar…

The Cigar Bar is well known in town…

Not only do I love reflection shots…barbershops have made the list!

I “heart” Architecture…

The River District is just off of the water…

I keep forgetting it’s almost December!

Cool shop/deli…

I LOVE the colors in Florida!

Even the Administration Building is interesting!!

If you ever visit Fort Myers, I recommend you visit the River District!!


Sunset at the Yacht Club…Cape Coral, Forida

If you’ve been following my three-week adventure up to this point…you’ll remember I started in Cincinnati, Ohio…Couchsurfed through Asheville, N.C., Charleston, S.C. and Savannah, GA, and then visited the Panhandle of Florida, where I had rented a unit through VRBO for a week (but only spent five days because I was lonely there)–moving on to the Tampa Bay area, staying with fellow blogger Zully for four nights–and finally driving here to my brother’s ex-wife’s sister’s condo.  I was joined by my husband, who will visit for a week and then a couple of girlfriends will arrive for a week.  The condo is located 30 minutes from Ft. Myers beach…in Cape Coral.  Less than 10 minutes away is a small beach, marina, yacht club and restaurant.

Here are the beach and pier…

We arrived just before sunset…

I never grow tired of the sunsets!  As soon as the sun set…people started walking back to their cars and I thought…this is when it gets good…you shouldn’t leave yet!

This one looks to me like someone is painting strokes of color in the sky.

If you don’t mind being uncomfortable sometimes (sleeping on a couch) (relying on the kindness of strangers)…then Couchsurfing will afford you the opportunity to discover new places through the eyes of your host/hostess, make new friendships and be able to extend your trip because it’s more affordable!

My new motto…”Life is better at the Beach”!